Business Professionals:

Are Revenues Static?

Many firms and clinics are facing stiff competition for clients. Many are also seeing clients spending less by delaying projects. And clients are often unwilling to accept proposals for additional work – even if it’s clearly in their best interests.

But some people are managing to stick close to their clients and are continuing to grow. You’ve probably seen these businesses. They’re genuinely popular on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. They send out regular newsletters that people look forward to receiving. They go to networking events… but with a purpose, and so make the right connections. People are happy to refer friends and colleagues to them.

These firms are using Keep In Touch Marketing  - giving out genuinely useful news, and listening to the responses. In other words, they have a meaningful discussion with their target market. This helps them to propose additional services to existing customers, and to attract new ones.

Keep In Touch marketing creates revenue growth – even in today’s economy. It follows a simple process that you too can adopt:

  1. Develop an overall marketing strategy & plan. Focus on who your customers are, and what information they need that you can provide. Figure out the linkages between your core marketing activities and the various social media.
  2. Prepare an initial contact list for your marketing. This list will grow organically, but from the outset make sure you comply with the Data Protection Act.
  3. Find relevant information for your target market. Most professionals are deluged with news that has big implications for their clients or prospective clients. Accountants see almost daily changes in the tax system. Lawyers get regular updates on case-law. Clinicians and doctors read The Lancet, and it seems there’s a regular stream of health scares in the mainstream media.
  4. Translate this news into plain English, and send it out as a regular update. Every business is unique, but monthly works best for most. That’s regular enough to be expected, but not so frequent as to be a pest.
  5. Analyse which people are interested in which topics. This is the essential step. It converts your readers into qualified leads for more detailed follow-up.

I’m Karl McCracken, and I’ve implemented Keep In Touch Marketing strategies since 2004. I specialise in email newsletters to promote you to your existing customers as well as new ones.

Unlike many on-line services for e-newsletters, I supply a completely turn-key service. All you need to convert your contact list into a regular supply of qualified sales leads is a simple monthly meeting. I write the text, do the design work and figure out the technical issues for you.

I’ve worked with scores of firms, individual consultants and clinicians. Some have even won contracts doubling their turnover as a direct result of the first emails I’ve written for them:

This is a marketing strategy that works, and it can work for you too.

To find out more please call me, and make sure you sign up for my free marketing tips. This is a short monthly update, with practical advice on things YOU can do to generate real sales leads for your business.